Sprint1 done, protocol established.

I’ve finally flushed out a protocol and got it working well. I rejected the crc because in most cases I wont be using it; however, I did leave all the code and the space in there to use it in case we need it later.

Now that we can read and write to the device across any medium (spi, usart, etc) I need to start adding the functionality to use what we read and write with the protocol.

I have also been researching wireless solutions and found several. I really like Nordic’s RF line but found another more complete (and cheep) solution on ebay from hoperf. The hoperf board comes with an antenna built in and all of the required components so all you need to connect is an spi interface. The ic is very similar in functionality to the Nordic chips. The cost per hoperf board is about $3 each. I ordered 6 of them. The speed I can get is 1Mbps and the range is about 60-90meters which is at least 200 feet.

Pushing my protocol to higher speeds I was able to get a throughput of about 150kbs. With 128x96px image @ 25k bytes I could get possibly 6 fps raw. I’m aiming for raw first once that whole system is working then I will work on compression. The idea is that later when the whole thing is working I will have 1Mbps so that will allow me a larger raw image, then when we still need more I can enable compression, but at that point I will already have a usable fun system. This is opposed to me working on compression for months like I did before and having no working system.

Motors, I2C, Wireless, Camera (raw 128×96), Circuit
is the priorities for now. And they are attainable within a short amount of time, I have already had all of these things working separate from each other already.

On to sprint2 !

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