Stm32 woes gone ?

I dont know why but revisiting it all of the usarts work just fine now so I’m steaming ahead with the stm link debugger. Finished most of the protocol. I can do read and writes to all global variables used within the stm32 program. The only things I have left are CRC and I need to make the java server poll the zBot as fast as possible and maintain a snapshot of its variables for sharing with a client. This is granted there is a client connected.

On another note I really like the nordic chips for a wireless solution. They have an “on air” data rate of up to 2Mbps. I’m still not sure of the range but if its the same as comparable ic’s its about 1000 feet which is sufficient for now. The cost is a measly $7, much less than a wifi solution. The only downside is I have to create a dongle to plug into the computer, but I think the cost and development offset makes it worthwhile.

Few more days and I’ll be done with the protocol and then I think I’ll be on the camera again. I’m aiming for 128×96 raw at 10fps, I can rough that over a 250Kbps line. After that the skys the limit but that’s a quickly achievable goal.



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