Hardware Modules

There are upgradeable modular hardware components. Once you have the main component you can add modules and customize it as you please.

BrainBoard Modules

Similar to an Ardruino, but with a distributed service and remote programming in your web browser. This is the “brains” of the operation. It handles trafficking the camera data to the comm module. It also handles constantly monitoring the status of the bot and implementing commands passed down to it from the service.

BrainBoard Model A

168Mhz Processor
2 stackable 20 pin headers (fit in breadboard)
2 Buttons, 3 dip switches, 4 LEDs
Micro USB for power (5v)
200mA power consumption

FaceBoard Modules

This board is for viewing and interacting with the environment as you would with your face. It has the camera, lights and normally a lazer. It also has connections for modules and servos. It comes with a plastic enclosure that connects directly to a servo for easy integration into a tilt application.

FaceBoard Model A

JPEG Streaming Camera
1 Servo Connector, 1 module connector
4 LEDs

BodyBoard Modules

This board is mated with the “Mobility Platform” (see Mobility Platforms) and is not meant to be removed. It normally contains the circuitry to interact with motors and servos as well as handle battery charging. There are several module connectors on this board for routing all around your mobility platform as you see fit for your application.

BodyBoard Model A

4.2v Li-ion Battery Charger 1.5A
Adjustable motor voltage 5-30v
2 Motor connectors for motor PWM control
5 Module connectors for GPIO, ADC and I2C
4 Servo connectors

Comm Modules

We cant get the image across the airgap without this. The comm module is very small and plugs directly into the BrainBoard. We currently support wifi and bluetooth technologies for communications; however, we will be adding modules for zigbee, nRFand celluar modems as well as others later.

Comm Module Wifi A

Throughput 4.5Mbps (max)
Power consumption tbd

Comm Module Bluetooth A

Throughput 350Kbps (max)
Power consumption tbd

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