Android Example Client (Java)

This is the basic android client. It allows you to drive the tank bot around and access all of its functions. It also serves as an example of how to build on top of the zEngine to interface with the zbot VRDS hardware.

Latest Binary: ZEAndroidExamples

Source Code:

PC Example Client (Java)

This is the PC example that demonstrates several services on top of the zEngine. It can run a gui client window that gives you access to all of the controls, it also provides a webserver (nanohttpd) that hosts a jsonAPI so you can access the bot through a standard web browser. It is also built to demonstrate how to build on top of the zEngine using the observer pattern.

Latest Binary: ZEnginePCExample

Source Code:

Soon To Come

I will soon add more to this page. There is a python bot simulator, python forwarder and a python example that talks to the bot. I have to figure out how to make those repositories and clean up the code a little before I share them.

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