Zbot System RoadMap

Torn between perfection and “something that works” we have decided to draw the line on different features in different versions.

Version 1.0 Description

This version will be a board attached to the stm32F4 Discovery board. The board will contain all of the IC/connections for two motors and the camera. This way we can develop the games and SDK without setbacks related to creating complex circuits and the “slippery slope” of making things better/faster. We will have the full functionality to move around and “shoot” with lights. The main things we will lack are the ability to move the camera up and down, the lower cost associated with 1 board and the lack of high speed uart connectivity.


$15 Stm32F4 Discovery Link
$10 OV2640 Board and Camera Link
$7   HC-05 Module with board Link
$25 Motor/Cam Connector board TBD!

Version 2.0 Description

This board will include a custom board layout where we connect directly with the camera module. There will be one “mainboard” where the stm32f4 chip connects to the 24pin camera connector directly. We will incorporate the required LDO’s and circuitry to interface directly with the camera module, saving us about $3 per board. The “mainboard” will have everything you need to get video over uart to whatever you want while exposing the gpio/pwm/i2c similar to the Ardruino. We will also add functionality for faster bluetooth and possibly wifi connectivity.


So going from version 1.0 to 2.0 the main thing that will be developed/finished is the SDK and the “development platform”. The finished product will be very useful for hobbyist and those developing proof of concept (senior projects, etc). It will be a circuit board with motors/track and camera. The end user will be able to develop directly in android or java to have the unit preform the desired operations. For version 2.0 we are going more for the consumer market. Version 2.0 will be an enclosed product with no exposed circuit board.

Doing things this way should get us something usable and reproducible within just a few months. We wont have to spend the next 2 months developing our own circuit board.




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