Testing the zBot on the “Cloud”


Setup a test where my zEngineExample service ran on a free trial of openhosting.com linux VM. Unfortunately I used 5gb of network traffic in 2 days and expired my trial before I had a chance to do a lot of investigating.

To begin with the web client is the slowest most troublesome of the clients, on top of that the cloud server was somewhere on the east coast. There was so much latency between the web client and the cloud server that the messages timed out and were thrown away from the zEngine service. From what I could tell there was something like 300ms of latency to connect and do anything, this is unacceptable for real time applications

I had the zEngine service connecting even if there were no active clients, so this caused all kinds of traffic when no one was even using it.

Will have to retest and next time:

  • Make service disconnect when no clients
  • Test latency between me and cloud server
  • Use lowest resolution
  • Test native clients

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