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STM32 Discovery

Tried to switch over into the stm32 discovery that I bought a while back. I was looking for the added benifits of the built in st link debugger.

Turns out a few things are different between the two boards. I had to wrap several things in  #ifdef STM32F10X_LD_VL
// dont use more than 8k ram, change leds , gpio etc.

After getting all that to work I could debug but the usarts did not work at all, I even enabled usart3 and tried to use that. Tried hooking everything up to a scope and still nothing, it does not even output any data what so ever on the usarts.

Then after that somehow my source re visioning wiped everything back so all the stuff I did to make my code compile and run on the discovery was lost. Thats ok though I’m just going to have one project and add the needed changes when switching between boards. The hardest part will be setting the define and changing to the other startup.s.

ZoneRobotics is born!

I have built this webpage as part of a multi faceted part of the robotics system I wish to develop. The web page will be a hub for stakeholders and developers alike to join and share in the advancement of the robotic system.

The webpage will host the list of things that the stakeholders wish to have added to the robotic system, this is called the product backlog. If you are familiar with the scrum agile methodologies that is what I am implementing. The product owner is anyone who is interested in or has purchased a product. All product owners can vote on which item in the backlog will be given priority but not all product owners will have the same weight in their voting. This allows those who contribute to have more weight when shaping the outcome of the product.

The site will also clearly show the current progress of the tasks being accomplished and provide burndown charts as to how long it will take to finish the whole sprint. Basically it will visually show all of the stakeholders the progress of scrum. All of the scrum processes and voting will take place on the website and through the forums.

This will allow us to better organize to produce a better product; faster, which of course should be the goal of any new product.

I invite those new to this site to explore and if you share a common interest please contact me and we will find a way that you can contribute to the project, be it time, programming, testing or just plain money ? Of course those who come on earlier will reap the benefits later.