Bluetooth streaming video at 7-11fps on Android

Basic Android client streaming qqvga resolution through bluetooth. You can see i had 357 images and 19 crc errors.

I have been neglecting this webpage quite a bit, but that does not mean I have not been making progress ! I’ve actually made huge progress after discovering some issues with the pin configuration on the stm32 “open407” board I was using. Turns out some of the pins were mapped to a int on one of the integrated IC’s on the discovery board itself. So I never could have gotten jpeg or correct raw images. This explained why my images were always off and distorted.Sorry for not updating and keeping track of everything on the website. I have found that the upkeep of the website, twitter feed and facebook page is quite a bit of work that I would rather spend on the code at this point. Once I have more exciting info and neat pictures then I think I should focus more on the social media aspect.

That said if you like this project please friend Zonerobotics and like us on Facebook. I will update that page the most.

Summary of whats been completed:

  1. Jpeg compression via the ov2640 camera
  2. Streaming output of camera data through bluetooth giving optimal throughput
  3. Java base code updated and working with streaming protocol
  4. Java base code has stubs and plans to open to GPB so we can support other languages
  5. Java base code implemented in android and simple client made
  6. Gpio read handling tested and validated in Android client
  7. ADC read tested and validated
  8. GPIO write, PWM (motor control) write and other commands implemented
  9. Joystick module implemented that converts XY into power for motors to give extreme control and sensitivity (Although my gui does not have a “joystick yet”)

So there’s a lot getting done, and the more that gets done the more there seems to do. I’ve also thought of a way to keep the base design modular and cheap. This is just a quick sketch of what I’m going for and nothing is set in stone till I’ve tried it and seen how it works. I know I left out some stuff, but hopefully you get the general idea.


I really like the rapid prototype model. So there is a lot of building and testing to do. Then there is still the circuit design, body design, motor selection etc, etc. I’m going to hopefully release the first workable solution that actually uses the stm32f4 discovery board, this way it will be big but it will be cheap and come with lots of extra components such as the accelerometer, speaker etc. So I really want to hold off on circuit design till I’ve added drivers for the pieces of the stm32f4 discovery components and decided which ones to import into my circuit design.

Like I said if you are interested please friend us on Facebook and like the project, tell your friends about it and if you want to volunteer your time let me know via Facebook.

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