Bi Weekly Update 4

No more scan lines

We have had a pretty serious issue where these multi color scan lines distort the camera view. Cesar commented that they went with and were caused by the flashing led lights. Tuning off the blinking of the led lights made the image perfectly cleat with no scan lines.

Added apache commons cli parser

command options

The pc example java applicatio was using my custom parsing. I replaced it with the apache.cli libs to better interpetate and handle user input when launching the app.

About 4 to 8 hours of battery life

With the 18650 batteries I’ve tested and found that on just one the unit lasts over 4 hours. That was not driving around, but we plan on using 2 of these batteries in parallel so we can safely assume at least 4 hours of run time.

Other Things

I have created a simple python forwarding service that allows you to forward the stream from the bot to anywhere, as well as split the stream with multiple clients. I have also got nanopb working and I can transmit more complex messages to the bot from python. I’m using google protocol buffers and adding support for them as well as the super simple protocol. I really need the ability to send more complex stuff like strings for setting the router un/pw, thats why I have to include PB.


















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