Bi Weekly Update 11

Well if we are on Bi Weekly update 11 that means we have been making these videos for almost 6 months, thats crazy ! My goal is to get something “done done” before summer. For me summer starts in 3 days and I’m not “done done”, but I’m really close.


  • tested L9110 with my motors
    • I burnt up some but after rewriting drivers to use one pin for direction and other pin for speed it seems to work just fine.
    • Using this it frees up the other two pwm so we can support 4 dc motors !
  • Tested low profile boost converter
    • Just keep turning the pot counter clockwise and it will go up, I put it at about 11v since the L9110 maxes out at 12v
  • Revised pins
    • changed pinout for comm so we can use D8 and D9 as a dedicated debug output
    • Used E8,10,12,15 for direction control for 4 dc motors, pwm is still the same
    • Since we are not using buzzer that is 4 more pwm channels for 4 more servo motors, thats 8 servo motors !
    • Went over all gpio to ensure we dont conflict with the audio and usb circuits on the discovery
      • Did the best I could here but there were still some conflicts
      • We will revisit this when we are ready to write the drivers for sound
  • Tested Enclosure
    • put the enclosure together and drove around
    • learned a lot about shrinkwrap and nyloc screws
      • Using shrinkwrap I can quickly make really good connectors
      • I’m going to make custom connectors to connect motors
  • Designed out how the connector board will work
    • “comm board” will be connected via connector
      • this way we can just change the connector cable for different comm modules
      • we can also route the board where ever it makes sense to put

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